Erotic games for hot nights

Erotic games for two, three or four promise unforgettable, hot nights for everyone involved! Sensual games bring fire to your sex life!

Erotic games

Erotic games for adults will bring back fire into your sex life.

Through erotic games you will experience tingling eroticism and unforgettable hours … whether for two, three or four.

There are very different types of partner games for adults: board games, card games, dice games or erotic role-playing games to name just a few. You can play sensual games all by yourself with your partner or, for example, with a couple of friends. This is then referred to as Partner swap or swinger.

As we started in the past to have fun with others, we bought an erotic game and tried it out with a nice guy we met online. But we immediately discovered that this and (as it turned out later) many other erotic games are only suitable for 2 or 4 people. An odd number is – let’s say – stupid for a number of party games.

In any case, we didn’t had any fun with the game we bought and so we decided just to play a game of strip poker.

Strip Poker

The evening turned out to be great, an all of us had a lot of fun. Just stupid that “SHE” was quite lucky playing and was still almost completely dressed while the gentlemen had lost everything and were totally nude. So that didn’t really fit either, but we were able to “persuade” her to lose 🙂

Nevertheless, an unforgettable, albeit comparatively harmless, evening. Highly erotic for the first time as a threesome.

We arranged to meet us again and I started looking for other alternatives. But I had to quickly find out that none of them corresponded to our ideas and so it was obvious that we worked out and created our own erotic game. After all, we wanted to try it out at the next meeting! We were already very excited and designed the first version, the prototype of today’s action strip poker game.

The day of the second meeting was getting closer and closer and with it our inner anticipation and of course the tension whether our self-developed Action Strip Poker really worked.

She could hardly wait until the doorbell finally rang and (let’s call him) Harald visited us again – also expectantly.

What shall i say… it was the hottest evening we EVER had!

sensual games

Our game worked exactly as I thought it would. Sure, here and there minor adjustments were necessary, but everything just fit and we – especially her – had a mega awesome evening with many climax!

In the course of time we continued to tinker with our “baby”, made it even better and “built in” a lot more action over the years. And we took it upon ourselves to extensively test the game over and over again. It doesn’t matter whether you are in two, three or four … it “works” in all combinations.

For many years we had kept our extended strip poker game to ourselves and experienced indescribable hours and evenings with it. Until one day a couple of friends gave us the idea to offer it to other interested people.

It didn’t take long and our Action Strip Poker version 1 was ready and available for other couples as well. We received thanks and many other suggestions, and so we launched the game in version 2.0 at the beginning of 2017.

action-strip-poker 2.0 cover 3d

Now it has to be said that we are not a big game manufacturer and we do not plan to sell our “baby” to such a company.

Our main aim is to help other couples to discover a completely new kind of pleasure and to lose the fear of being three- or foursome for the first time.

With Action Strip Poker, every newcomer is carefully introduced to new skin and partner swaps. True to the hackneyed motto:

Everything is possible, nothing is neccesary!

Erotic games should be fun for everyone and everyone should only do what they really want. Nobody should be forced to play the game to the end. Anyone can say at any time, up to here and no further. That’s totally ok!

Maybe you will move on at the second or third meeting. Please everyone play at their own pace and if something does not fit, he or she can pull the emergency brake at any time. As I said, everyone should like an erotic game. Nobody is forced to do anything.

Pure lust, sensual pleasure and the burning desire for more is the absolute focus of our hot party game.

Here you can find out more about the new > super awesome <Action Strip Poker game:

Partner games for Adults

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